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What is the importance of an Arrival Notice?

Arrival notice

importance of an Arrival Notice is a document sent by the freight carrier, ocean freight forwarder, or agent to the consignee showing the shipment’s arrival date at a specific destination. The involved parties that are alerted about the arrival are typically recorded as the consignees in the Bill of Lading. Therefore, importance of an Arrival Notice is a communication from a carrier to the intended receiver that an international shipment is or will soon be accessible at its destination.

Importance of an Arrival Notice

The arrival notice is used to inform concerned parties that the shipment has arrived at the port and is waiting for pickup. In some instances, the notice must be provided in advance, permitting the port to allocate berth sites to incoming vessels. In this case, the form is typically known as advance notice of arrival (ANOA) and will need information on the container itself, such as the nature and dimensions of the cargo that is carried.

Advance notice of arrival permits port authorities to grant authorization to dock in a part where the cargo can be safely unloaded and stored if needed until the recipient or consignee comes to claim the goods, pay any required charges, and transport the shipment from the port area.

In addition to carrying all the essential information of the goods being transported from one point to another, it is also important for cargo to be transported faultlessly across national or international waters.

The following are the contents of the arrival notice:

  • The place to which the cargo requires to be shipped accompanied by the contact number
  • Particulars about the point of origin and the terminus together with the payment of customs charges
  • Other costs involved, for example, the terminal charges at the destination and ocean freight agent’s charges
  • The LOT number related to freight location and all the required information

associated with freight identification

  • Several instructions and steps involved with international freight recovery or shipment recovery

All this data contained in the arrival notice is vital to ensure smooth and easy delivery of goods. Nevertheless, it is essential to recall that the Importance of an Arrival Notice isn’t an official paper that would release your freight. It’s official documentation that allows the consignee to tell the contents of the cargo and follow several regulations and rules— depending on its destination, concerning what requires to be done with the cargo.

importance of an Arrival Notice

What Happens if you Don’t Receive an Inbound Container Shipment?

It is common for delays in shipping to occur, and consequently, a great number of extra charges which they have not provided for may be incurred by the customers. An example of these additional charges is the demurrage charge. A demurrage charge is levied to the importer by the shipping line if they have not received the full inbound container shipment and moved it out of the terminal area for unloading within the allowable free days.

The customer may also incur Port storage charges. They are charged for full containers that are not cleared for import. In addition to full containers yet to be transported for exports or unfilled containers inside the port. Various terminals provide different free days. Nonetheless, the charges typically circulate the port, leading to a comparable level of fees valid for a year.

Who is Responsible for Penalties and Storage Charges After Free Time at the Port?

Penalties and port storage charges are charged by the port for containers that have not been taken out of the port within the free days. Contingent on the terminal, port, or country, the storage charges, and penalties may be levied directly to the customer or to the shipping line, who will later charge this to the importer or exporter.

For imports, the consignee would be responsible for the charges, and in the case of exports, the shipping line would be responsible for the same. There could still be instances where the consignee could not clear the container since they didn’t have the relevant documents from the shipper early enough. In such instances, the consignee would ask the shipper for reimbursement, but for the shipping line, this is income lost, and they require somebody to pay for it.


Importance of an Arrival Notice is crucial during the arrival of the shipment at the destination. There are various charges linked with a shipment, such as demurrage and port charges, which are unforeseen and non-budgeted. An arrival notice can help alleviate some of these charges.

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