Amazon FBA Import

Sooner or later, every small start-up or large Multinational company might become overwhelmed by fulfillment and Import-Export requirements. Small start-ups as well as Multinational companies can experience surges in demand resulting in an increased need for help to coordinate procurement and import solutions. From unexpected delays in shipping to abrupt spikes in freight activity. OGL can help you manage the overflow. We have over 30 years of fulfillment project management and procurement experience with organizations that require temporary or long-term assistance with their logistical structure.

OGL’s experienced, professional staff providing the following services:

Global Distribution Networks:

We provide an extensive network of agents for professional assistance with construction site logistics as well as loading and unloading to project locations.

Offloading Plans:

Our Engineering, Procurement & Construction project Operational staff specialize in planning detailed procurement & warehousing solutions, including offloading equipment and products for our clientele that may need oversize forklift and cranes.

End To End Solutions:

End to end (from the supplier to the vendor to the project site), OGL manages your purchase orders for each phase of your construction site logistics.

Consolidated Invoicing:

We offer comprehensive weekly and monthly invoicing with attached P.O. and detailed project numbers.

Accessible Representatives:

Our in-house and onsite reps offer immediate assistance with time-sensitive and strategic cargo movements.

Procurement Sourcing Options:

Easily assess a range of sourcing options and procurement solutions such as transit times, routing departure frequency related transportation costs.

Pre-Project Shipping Estimate:

For accurate budget projections, we provide cost estimates covering expenses related to limited infrastructure location delivery, market volatility trends, and anticipated equipment availability.

Freight Forwarding Services:

We offer decades of experience in Freight Forwarding and transporting project materials procured from multiple origins to any remote destination.

Import Options:

With OGL, you can easily navigate customs importation procedures and successfully identify the benefits of import incoterms and documentation needed for a smooth import or export process.