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Ship Chartering

By choosing OGL, our customers are able to add reliable flexibility to their supply chain logistics and management without lifting a finger. OGL’s team leaders know how to leverage our global logistics network on your behalf. This level of expertise provides you with a diverse range of full and part charter options for metropolitan and remote locations around the world.

Ship Chartering

The main types of charters are

  • Time Charter
  • Time Charter on trip basis (TCT)
  • Voyage Charter
  • Contract of affreightment
  • Bareboat Charter

Time Charter is a contract in which the shipowner hires out the ship to the charterer for a stipulated period of time for a remuneration known as hire, generally a monthly rate per ton deadweight or a daily rate..

The charterer can employ the vessel as she deems fit in terms of the route and cargo but within the terms as agreed, but the Ship Chartering continues to manage his own vessel through the master and crew who remain his servants..

Voyage Charter is a contract in which the shipowner hires out the ship to the charterer for the carriage of an agreed quantity of cargo from a specified port or ports to another port or ports for a remuneration called freight, which is calculated according to the quantity of cargo loaded, or sometimes at a lumpsum freight.. Voyage charter is one of the most common forms of charter..

The shipowner continues to manage his own vessel through the master and crew who remain his servants..

Bareboat Charter is a contract in which the Ship Chartering leases a specific ship and only control its technical management and commercial operations..

Charterers essentially take overall responsibility for the operation of the vessel and expenses for the duration including appointing the ship’s crew and also the management, operation and navigation of the vessel..

Based upon your cargo’s exact specifications and your delivery requirements. Having the ability to develop and execute innovative charter solutions designed to get your freight to its final destination on time and within your budgetary requirements. With our charter partners operating in all major trade lanes via multiple transport modes. Like commercial aircraft, special air charters, ground-based vehicles or ocean-going vessels.

Each time OGL charters transportation on your behalf, we take care to choose the mode of transport and equipment that will work best for your cargo and commodities. Having an experienced team in many charter operations from shipping small payloads to arranging the relocation of entire factories.

Our partners help you expand your supply chain logistics by extending the reach of your business operations and OGL is there to oversee your project until your freight is processed from end to end. This feature-inclusive global logistics network also ensures you will always receive competitive rates on all aspects of the shipping process.

Charter Service Inclusions

  • Trained Stevedore Service
  • Storage and Warehousing
  • Inland Delivery to Destination
  • Engineering and Tech Support
  • Multi-Modal Full or Partial Charters
  • Customer Care

Since OGL first began serving the world with high quality international shipping services and supply chain logistics, our clientele has enjoyed the benefits of our charter services.

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