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Less Than Truck Load (LTL)

LTL FREIGHT (Less Than Truck Load) here are some alternatives and options you may want to look at for your supply chain!

Pool Distribution Logistics

Shared Truckload

No freight class requirements (less fines & fees) Minimal handling for low % risk of damage Regional & Nationwide capacity Predictable Delivery times Direct Transit

Pool Distribution & Consolidation

An alternative to shipping direct LTL, pool distribution provides a significant savings in transportation cost.


No freight class requirements (less fines & fees) Direct, TL- style service Less transloading than VLTL Relatively predictable delivery windows, depending on TL capacity


Also known as Partial load, Less-than-truckload and Shared Truckload 

  • Pay only for the space your freight utilizes on the trailer
  • Full value coverage
  • Regional, National & Multinational coverage
  • Pooling Solutions
  • Cost per pound analysis
  • Dry and Temperature controlled capabilities
  • Extensive nationwide network of UIIA and TWIC certified carriers
  • Warehousing and transloading contact near every major port

LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping describes freight shipments that are normally larger than your standard parcel shipment or multiple boxes on one pallet.  At OGL, we can handle your shipments that are larger than your standard parcel shipment. 

Through our network of alliance-partnership agreements with carriers they are certified and trusted to handle all of your LTL shipping needs from Regional, National and Multinational. 

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