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Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Industry Logistics

Onsite Global Logistics (OGL) is a premier freight forwarding solutions provider that supports the logistical needs of companies in the TV, film, media, technology, and Telecommunications Industry Logistics . Leverage a specialist and ensure that you get the supplies and equipment necessary for successful events nationwide or around the world.

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Our TV, Film, and Media Logistical Solutions

TV Logistics

Imagine the hassle of having your filming equipment transported to the other side of the world only to be stopped and delayed at foreign borders. There’s so much that depends on the safe and timely arrival of your equipment — every hour is crucial.

At OGL, we take care of picking up and handling all of the TV equipment and supplies you need. We have a team of logistics experts who’ll ensure that your paperwork is done so your freight won’t be stuck at customs.

We are specialists in planning and managing TV logistical requirements and will provide you with the best solution to transport your items in domestic and international settings.

OGL is capable of supporting crews in the television industry when it comes to:

  • Award shows
  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Miniseries
  • Pilots and TV shows
  • Reality shows
  • Sporting events

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Film Logistics

Our operations department at OGL knows how important time is when it comes to forwarding freight. That’s why we’ve established a network of partners nationwide and worldwide to help film crews transport their goods. We have many years of experience developing key relationships and gaining considerable knowledge that allows us to move cargo quickly and seamlessly between borders.

As a reputable freight forwarder, we can provide the entertainment and film industries with logistics solutions for their unique needs. We constantly aim to deliver unparalleled services designed to meet our customers’ deadlines and budgets.

Whether you’re filming with just a small team or a group for a major motion picture, we guarantee you personalized logistical services and an experienced crew who will ensure a smooth freight transportation process.

OGL can get the following whenever and wherever you need them:

  • Aerial equipment
  • Aircraft
  • Animals, both domestic and exotic
  • Boats
  • Cameras
  • Dangerous materials
  • Electrical equipment
  • Film dailies
  • Greens
  • Lighting equipment
  • Marine equipment
  • Set dressing
  • Scenery items
  • Special effects equipment
  • Sound equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Wardrobe
  • Weapons

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Music Logistics

OGL can provide domestic and international music tours with the logistical services needed to transport their supplies and equipment. We have access to warehouses all over the globe so our customers can gain leverage 24-hour storage and safekeeping of their personal effects.

At OGL, we can provide for all of your touring needs such as:

  • Airfreight
  • Carnets
  • Charters
  • Customs handling
  • Hand carry
  • Sea freight
  • Road services
  • Storage solutions

All of the warehouses in our network are secure and dry. You don’t need to worry about your costly equipment being damaged or getting stolen while stored there. These warehouses and their storage crews are designed for specialist storage ideal for TV, film, and media groups.

Whatever production size, deadlines, or any last-minute changes to your schedule you have in mind, OGL has the network, partners, and resources to help with logistics.

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Special Events Logistics

Our team of logistics professionals enjoys managing and securing the necessary transportations for commercial shoots, auto shows, exhibitions, movie sets, and more. OGL’s access to essential contacts and resources allows us to provide safe, secure, on-time, and on budget solutions.

Let us know whether you want your equipment shipped by air or truck anywhere nationwide or globally, and we’ll make sure it gets there without delays.

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Why Choose OGL for Film, TV, and Media Logistics

Many brands and companies rely on OGL to fulfill their logistics requirements for the following reasons:

We Create and Implement Effective Logistics Management Plans

Having a well-made logistics management plan is crucial, especially for those in the film, TV, media, and Telecommunications Industry Logistics. We can help you come up with the right logistics process and make it happen, guaranteeing that the facilities you require will be ready when needed.

We have access to professional packing teams as well as secure warehouses that can handle a wide variety of goods and equipment. We also provide safe passage for both sensitive and bulky items.

Telecommunications Industry Logistics

We Are in Control All the Way

At OGL, we know that making and producing film and media is a collaborative process. That’s why selecting the right partners who will manage your logistics is important since they are inevitably part of what brings a production to life.

We are a logistics specialist that understands the needs of crews in the film, TV, and media industries. We will work with you to achieve your goals while providing structure and certainty to your filming crew both nationwide and in international locations.

We Are Experienced

Our logistics team has more than 5 decades of experience in logistics and freight transportation. We constantly evaluate trusted transport networks to provide our customers with reliable services.

When you choose OGL, you get to work with a team that actively invests in the connections, resources, and technology to improve its ability to serve those in the film, television, and media industries.  We also leverage high-quality data so that you can access vital information for campaign management.

We Find Ways to Transport Your Goods Quickly

You can move supplies and equipment faster when you leverage our logistics services at OGL. Connect with us and you’re guaranteed seamless transportation of your items.

Furthermore, you can gain access to a chain of supply network carriers that lets you move your goods as soon as you need them. Our worldwide network of contacts ensures that your filming crew has what they need as soon as possible.

We Help You Save On Logistical Expenses

Since we have access to a network of agents and carriers worldwide, you can expect affordable shipping rates and cost-effective solutions with us.

You can eliminate the pain points associated with launching logistics operations such as warehousing, customs, equipment handling, and more.

Benefits of Our Film, TV, and Media Logistics Solutions

There are many advantages in choosing our film, television, and media logistics solutions. These are a few of them:

Handling and Securing of Special Documentation

It is standard practice in the film industry to have documentation containing all the related movie writings and storyboards. Other documentation necessary could include the various assessments concerning safety and health measures that have been taken.

With OGL, our premier freight service caters to various import and export requirements by having the appropriate licenses and certifications in place. We make sure that proper documentation is established with each of our customers to avoid unwanted risks and setbacks with movie and TV show productions.

You Get to Focus on Filming and Completing Your Project

Time management is one of the most important aspects in the film, TV, media, and Telecommunications Industry Logistics with various components to consider. With the crew, staff, actors, and subcontractors all doing their work, your time to complete the project becomes a vital element and should be managed to the best of your abilities.

Film and production teams can rely on OGL to make sure that their supplies, equipment, and other goods arrive not only on time but also in a cost-effective manner.

We Take Care of Returning All Rented Equipment and Supplies

Once the filming of the project has been completed, you will need to return all of the rented supplies, props, equipment, and the like to their appropriate studios or suppliers.

When you hire us, we will take care of shipping these items back to their owners either through sea, land, or air. Our certified partners will ensure that all rented supplies are taken into account and returned safely.

We Are the Film, TV, and Media Logistics Provider You Need

Onsite Global Logistics is designed to serve the logistics needs of crews in the film, television, and media industries. We are experienced in providing nationwide and global logistics solutions and have done so for more than 5 decades.

Our transportation partners are capable of hauling huge quantities of film equipment such as cameras, lighting, merchandise, props, and more. In fact, they can carry just about anything you need.

OGL has been entrusted with transporting crucial film and media assets around the world. Together with our logistics service, our company is ready to directly provide for the unique needs of our clients and customers.

What separates us from your regular freight forwarding 3PL agency is that we provide not only a complete logistics service, but also in-depth data and analytics to ensure all of our customers get cost-effective solutions. We will assist you with everything from customs processing to acquiring visas and government filming authorizations when needed.

Meanwhile, our professional network of transportation partners will guarantee the proper and secure handling of all your cargo. We follow the best practices in the logistics process so that we not only save on time but also on the resources used.

Get in touch with Onsite Global Logistics today and let us know how we can help with the logistics requirements for your film, TV, or media project.

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