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How To Avoid Missing Them – Critical Cutoffs

Critical Cutoffs, No freight forwarder, logistics professional, or shipper ever wants to hear the words “we missed the cut.” But many providers have learned the hard way that ocean freight is time-Critical Cutoffs, and there are certain “Critical Cutoffs” that shippers must be aware of. Missing the cut result in serious delays and significant costs.

Delays of at least a week are common, and in some cases can be much longer if compounded by weather delays, port congestion, and in today’s world, the unforeseen effects of Covid-19. And that’s just for container cargo. If you’re shipping Break Bulk, missing the cut could mean delays of as much as two months, which could result in Letter of Credit penalties, downtime costs, and even the loss of a good customer.


The cargo cut is the date the shipper’s cargo must be received at the port. In most cases, it must be received during normal working hours. 

DOCUMENT CUT – Critical Cutoffs

Document cuts are typically required 2-3 days prior to cargo cuts and are just as important. If a shipper or Logistics provider fails to submit documents like commercial invoices, packing lists, and/or AES filing, expect at least a one-week delay. 


Missing the cut has nothing but downsides, so planning ahead is your best friend. Allow time to receive the cargo and prepare it for shipment. In most cases, container cargo must be packed, crated, skidded or bundled. And once it’s loaded in a container, it must be blocked and braced by the export packer to protect from damage on rough seas. Break Bulk cargo also requires sufficient time for proper packing and cargo protection.


The shipping industry is packed with so many variables, the answer to that question depends on circumstances. The best use of your time may be to engage the services of an expert freight forwarder like Onsite Global Logistics. We’ve been involved with expedited, time-Critical Cutoffs freight since our inception. It is our job to make sure everything is smooth sailing for our shipping customers. We communicate Critical Cutoffs deadlines and requirements, every step of the way. So you’ll always know what’s required and when it’s required.

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