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Ever since the first-ever cargo flight took off in the early 1900s, air freight has played a crucial role in ensuring that time-sensitive and high-value goods are transported safely. Transporting items by air can allow businesses to deliver their products door-to-door to both domestic and international customers.

Today, air freight continues to play a critical part in connecting people with manufacturers that can provide them with essential goods. The global COVID-19 pandemic has made shipments incredibly important and being able to transport things via air allows deliveries to arrive quickly.

Onsite Global Logistics (OGL) is an expert in providing reliable air freight services. We can provide solutions such as NFO (next flight out), same-day air freight, next-day air-freight, air full and part charter service, and more.

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Benefits of Choosing Our Air Freight Services

With OGL as your trusted air import and export solutions provider, we can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Fast deliveries: Sending your cargo via air can let you avoid delays such as weather problems and traffic jams. Our air freight solutions also ensure that your goods arrive directly at their destinations as quickly as possible.
  • Reliable services: Although flight delays are common for passengers, air freight is more consistent and reliable than other delivery methods. For instance, ocean freight follows a fixed schedule each week, which means that missing the allotted deadline results in having to wait for another slot next week. This isn’t a problem with air freight since flights can happen every single day.
  • Improved inventory control: Airports provide tight security to both passengers and especially to shipments, minimizing the possibilities of theft. There’s also a lower risk of losing your deliveries since airplanes often go from their points of origin and straight to their destinations.
  • Access to new markets: The markets available to time-sensitive goods can be limited but thanks to air freight, businesses can find themselves reaching more markets than ever before. Since the time in transit is less with air cargo, you can have items shipped to far away countries with speed and efficiency

Leverage the Power and Convenience of Air Freight

Besides providing you with standard domestic and international air freight capabilities, OGL can also take care of any custom freight requirements you may have. We have a team of air cargo experts who will work together with you and your logistics crew to provide you with a cost-effective solution.

We’ll take care of assessing the requirements for your air freight and supply you with the best plan of action to address your shipping needs. Whether you need something as complex as preparing an economy air cargo consolidation plan or as simple as having our team hand-carry your goods, we are the air freight provider you need.

What exactly is Air Freight, and why would any company need it?

Air freight services or air cargo services is the transport of cargo either on passenger aircraft or cargo only aircraft. There are different types of air freight  services depending on how small or large your box or cargo size is and just how fast or urgent it needs to be delivered to it’s destination. 

The smaller the box it can be handy carry or can go over the counter (NFO Next flight out) on most passenger aircraft. The larger the cargo and also weight of the cargo which is normally calculated by length x width x height has specifications to meet certain criteria due to the different aircraft size and size of the opening of the aircraft door. 

There are hundreds of passenger flights that leave daily domestic and also International. So, let’s say you are a trade show exhibit company in Houston, TX and you have already sent your freight on a truck to Las Vegas Nevada for a exhibit show but there is that vital piece you left off due to being misplaced or just had to have more time to be finished. 

However the exhibit starts in a day or so and there is no time for ground transport. Well this is where air freight comes in to play because you need it there “NOW” and the only option is air freight due to time constraints and mileage to your delivery destination. 

Modes of Air Freight 

  1. Direct Air Freight (First available flight-depending on the size of freight)
  2. NFO – Next Flight Out Service
  3. Hand Carry
  4. Air Freight Consolidation
  5. Air Charter Service 

The power and convenience of our air freight solutions are available for you right now. Get in touch with us today and let’s talk about your shipping requirements.

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