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What is the agricultural machinery?

Agricultural machinery is a term that refers to the mechanical structures and devices that are used in farming and other forms of agriculture. Hand tools and power tools, as well as tractors and the countless types of farm implements that they tow or operate, are all examples of such equipment. Both organic and nonorganic farming require a wide range of equipment. Agricultural technology has become an integral aspect of how the world gets fed, especially since the advent of mechanized agriculture.

What is the export agricultural machinery?

There are a large number of machine tools required to carry out agriculture which is an essential component for the development of a country.  Some of them are manufactured domestically and other machinery equipment has to be exported to the country as required.  Exporting machinery and equipment from other equipment manufacturing countries is known as machine tool export.  The government of a country spends a lot of money for this.

Which country is the largest exporter of agricultural machinery?

China is the world’s largest manufacturer of farming equipment and the largest market for agricultural machinery, with a total industrial production value of RMB 428.4 billion in 2015

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For the import of a used agricultural machine into any country, the following conditions must be met.

A notification of the importation of a used agricultural machine (agricultural machinery and implements, including horse trailers and other equipment) must be sent to MAST at least 20 days prior to the intended date of importation. If all of the prerequisites for importation have been met, then the import has been completed. The manufacturer’s name, model, description, and factory / serial number must all be provided. All certifications and other original material pertaining to the matter must include this information.

All interior and exterior pieces, as well as the types and wheel equipment, must be washed under high pressure with hot water.

To make machine cleaning easier, all walls, pillars, and other loose elements must be removed. Remove as much wood, rubber, plastic, and worn/damaged pieces as possible.

All sections of the machine, both inside and exterior, must be sterilized. The cleaning of the chassis, axles, types, and cab, if applicable, should be given special attention.

The following items must be photographed in high resolution (this list refers to tractors but can be used as a guide for other types of machinery): cab; cab floor; cab floor: beneath floor mat – remove floor mat for cleaning; tyres (photographed from the outside); tyres (photographed from the interior); wheel equipment; other parts/places where dirt is prone to accumulate.

The machinery or equipment must be transported to the unloading port and not cleared from customs until the District Veterinarian certifies that the cleaning and disinfection are satisfactory. Otherwise, if the District Veterinarian thinks it essential, the machine or equipment is washed and/or disinfected again.

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