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Company Info

Onsite Global Logistics (OGL) is a leading freight forwarding company with decades of knowledge and experience in the 3PL, supply chain procurement, and logistics industry. Although based in Houston, Texas, we have strategic partnerships with offices in 164 countries worldwide.

We offer a premium range of innovative freight and global logistics solutions to companies in various industries. If you need a quote for a project, small or large, contact us today.

Our Core Values

All of us at OGL are guided by a set of core beliefs that go beyond words. We use these core values as our compass and navigation system on how we approach our clients, colleagues, and partners.

  • Trust: We have built our international logistics company on the trust our clients placed in us. OGL has worked hard and will continue to do so to maintain that same trust and goodwill.
  • Excellence: At OGL, we understand the basic concept of providing excellent service to our customers and we will strive to uphold high-quality logistics solutions at all times.
  • Respect: OGL practices deep respect for our clients, employees, and the laws that govern our venture. We believe that no working relationship can be successful without respect and that is why we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of all our packers, movers, and partners.

Why Choose OGL?

With more than five decades of combined experience, OGL has been redefining the concept of providing quality yet affordable logistics solutions without cutting corners. You can rely on our team of dedicated professionals to prepare for you a solution that meets your business needs while keeping your bottom line intact.

We encourage you to have a look at the industries we serve and the services we provide. If you already have a plan in mind, you can send us a message to provide you with a quote on your next project.

Contact us today for more details.

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Global Alliance Partnerships Executive Team Leader

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Global Business Development & Digital Analytics Executive Team Leader

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Global Operations & Procurement Executive Team Leader

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